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An option to stop the server after a specified time has been added for niche applications (e.g. billing saving on AWS Fargate). The function is incompatible with the Autopause functionality, as they basically cancel out each other.


the docker container variables have to be set accordingly (restart policy set to "no") and that the container has to be manually restarted.

A .skip-stop file can be created in the /data directory to make the server skip autostopping, for as long as the file is present. The autostop timer will also be reset.

A starting, example compose file has been provided in examples/docker-compose-autostop.yml.

Enable the Autostop functionality by setting:


The following environment variables define the behavior of auto-stopping: * AUTOSTOP_TIMEOUT_EST, default 3600 (seconds) describes the time between the last client disconnect and the stopping of the server (read as timeout established) * AUTOSTOP_TIMEOUT_INIT, default 1800 (seconds) describes the time between server start and the stopping of the server, when no client connects in-between (read as timeout initialized) * AUTOSTOP_PERIOD, default 10 (seconds) describes period of the daemonized state machine, that handles the stopping of the server

To troubleshoot, add DEBUG_AUTOSTOP=true to see additional output