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Auto-download using Spiget

The SPIGET_RESOURCES variable can be set with a comma-separated list of SpigotMC resource IDs to automatically download Spigot/Bukkit/Paper plugins using the spiget API. Resources that are zip files will be expanded into the plugins directory and resources that are simply jar files will be moved there.


The variable is purposely spelled SPIGET with an "E"

The resource ID can be located from the numerical part of the URL after the shortname/slug and a dot. For example, the ID is 28140 from

For example, the following will auto-download the LuckPerms and Vault plugins:

-e SPIGET_RESOURCES=28140,34315


Some plugins, such as EssentialsX (resource ID 9089), do not permit automated downloads via Spiget. Instead, you will need to pre-download the desired file and supply it to the container, such as using the /plugins mount point, described in the main section.