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Auto-download from Modrinth

Modrinth is an open source modding platform with a clean, easy to use website for finding Fabric and Forge mods. At startup, the container will automatically locate and download the newest versions of mod/plugin files that correspond to the TYPE and VERSION in use. Older file versions downloaded previously will automatically be cleaned up.

  • MODRINTH_PROJECTS : comma or newline separated list of project slugs (short name) or IDs. The project ID is located in the "Technical information" section. The slug is the part of the page URL that follows /mod/:
                                +-- project slug
    Also, a specific version/type can be declared using colon symbol and version id/type after the project slug. The version id can be found in the 'Metadata' section. Valid version types are release, beta, alpha.


Description Example
Select latest version fabric-api
Select specific version fabric-api:PbVeub96
Select latest beta version fabric-api:beta
Latest version using project ID P7dR8mSH

Extra options

Can be set to none (the default), required, or optional to download required and/or optional dependencies.
The version type is used to determine the newest version to use from each project. The allowed values are release (default), beta, alpha.