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World data

Downloadable world

Instead of mounting the /data volume, you can instead specify the URL of a ZIP or compressed TAR file containing an archived world. It will be searched for a file level.dat and the containing subdirectory moved to the directory named by $LEVEL. This means that most of the archived Minecraft worlds downloadable from the Internet will already be in the correct format.

docker run -d -e WORLD= ...


This URL must be accessible from inside the container. Therefore, you should use an IP address or a globally resolvable FQDN, or else the name of a linked container.


If the archive contains more than one level.dat, then the one to select can be picked with WORLD_INDEX, which defaults to 1.

Cloning world from a container path

The WORLD option can also be used to reference a directory, zip file, or compressed tar file that will be used as a source to clone or extract the world directory.

For example, the following would initially clone the world's content from /worlds/basic. Also notice in the example that you should use a read-only volume attachment to ensure the clone source remains pristine.

docker run ... -v $HOME/worlds:/worlds:ro -e WORLD=/worlds/basic

The following diagram shows how this option can be used in a compose deployment with a relative directory:

Overwrite world on start

The world will only be downloaded or copied if it doesn't exist already. Set FORCE_WORLD_COPY=TRUE to force overwrite the world on every server start.

Custom worlds directory path

To set a custom worlds directory for the Multiverse plugin on a baremetal server, you'd pass the --world-dir argument after the jar file. In order to accomplish the same in a containerized server, set the EXTRA_ARGS environment variable in your command line or docker compose yaml to the same argument string. For example:

docker run -d -e EXTRA_ARGS='--world-dir ./worlds/'
--world-container, -W, and --universe are aliases to --world-dir and can also be used.


Datapacks can be installed in a similar manner to mods/plugins. There are many environment variables which function in the same way they do for mods:

  • DATAPACKS: comma-separated list of zip file URL, zip file in container, or directory in container
  • DATAPACKS_FILE: a text file within the container where each line is a zip file URL, zip file in container, or directory in container
  • REMOVE_OLD_DATAPACKS: if "true" the datapacks directory is removed of everything matching REMOVE_OLD_DATAPACKS_INCLUDE, but excluding REMOVE_OLD_DATAPACKS_EXCLUDE no deeper than REMOVE_OLD_DATAPACKS_DEPTH
  • REMOVE_OLD_DATAPACKS_INCLUDE: default is *.zip
  • REMOVE_OLD_DATAPACKS_EXCLUDE: default is empty

Datapacks will be placed in /data/$LEVEL/datapacks


VanillaTweaks datapacks, crafting tweaks, and resource packs can be installed with a share code from the website OR a json file to specify packs to download and install. Datapacks and crafting tweaks will be installed into the current world directory specified by $LEVEL. As new versions of the packs are retrieved the previous versions will automatically be cleaned up.

The share code is the part following the hash sign, as shown here:
                                  +- share code MGr52E

Accepted Parameters:

  • VANILLATWEAKS_FILE: comma separated list of JSON VanillaTweak pack files accessible within the container
  • VANILLATWEAKS_SHARECODE: comma separated list of share codes

Example of expected VanillaTweaks share codes:


ResourcePacks, DataPacks, and CraftingTweaks all have separate sharecodes


Example of expected VanillaTweaks files:

VANILLATWEAKS_FILE: /config/vt-datapacks.json,/config/vt-craftingtweaks.json,/config/vt-resourcepacks.json
DataPacks json
  "type": "datapacks",
  "version": "1.18",
  "packs": {
    "survival": [
      "multiplayer sleep"
    "items": ["armored elytra"]
ResourcePacks json
    "type": "resourcepacks",
    "version": "1.18",
    "packs": {
        "aesthetic": ["CherryPicking", "BlackNetherBricks", "AlternateBlockDestruction"]
CraftingTweaks Json
    "type": "craftingtweaks",
    "version": "1.18",
    "packs": {
        "quality of life": [
            "dropper to dispenser",
            "double slabs",
            "back to blocks"