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More Deployment Info

On Kubernetes

Using Helm

Using Shulker

Shulker is a Kubernetes operator for managing complex and dynamic Minecraft infrastructures, including game servers and proxies. It uses the docker-minecraft-server and docker-bungeecord images under-the-hood.

On CloudFormation (AWS)

If you're looking for a simple way to deploy this to the Amazon Web Services Cloud, check out the Minecraft Server Deployment (CloudFormation) repository. This repository contains a CloudFormation template that will get you up and running in AWS in a matter of minutes. Optionally it uses Spot Pricing so the server is very cheap, and you can easily turn it off when not in use.

Supporting Articles

Below are supporting articles for server deployment.

  • "Zero to Minecraft Server with Docker Desktop and Compose"

    • This is a reference guide/tutorial on how to set up a vanilla Minecraft server using this project, including step-by-step instructions, and information on topics such as port-forwarding.