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Server Types and Mod Platforms

Server types can be selected by setting the TYPE environment variable to one of the types described in these sections.

The default server type is the official software provided by Mojang, which can be explicitly selected by setting TYPE to "VANILLA".

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The mod platforms take a modpack identifier, file, etc and use that to select and download the appropriate version of a mod loader, such as Forge or Fabric, downloading declared mods/plugins, and apply any additional files. The mod platforms are selected by setting MOD_PLATFORM; however, for ease of use and compatibility, the selection can be set in TYPE.

The individual server types allow for selecting the mod loader / server type and specific versions of those.


For all the server types, the VERSION environment variable is used to declare the Minecraft version itself, such as 1.19.4. Each server type will have specific variables for qualifying their version in addition to the Minecraft version.