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Enable SpongeVanilla server mode by adding a -e TYPE=SPONGEVANILLA to your command-line.

By default the container will run the latest STABLE version. If you want to run a specific version, you can add -e SPONGEVERSION=1.11.2-6.1.0-BETA-19 to your command-line.

Beware that current Sponge STABLE versions for Minecraft 1.12 require using the Java 8 tag:

docker run -d -v /path/on/host:/data -e TYPE=SPONGEVANILLA \
    -p 25565:25565 -e EULA=TRUE --name mc itzg/minecraft-server:java8-multiarch

You can also choose to use the EXPERIMENTAL branch. Just change it with SPONGEBRANCH, such as:

$ docker run -d -v /path/on/host:/data ... \


A Limbo server can be run by setting TYPE to LIMBO.

Configuration options with defaults:


The VERSION will be ignored so locate the appropriate value from here to match the version expected by clients.

  • LIMBO_SCHEMA_FILENAME=default.schem


Instead of using format codes in the MOTD, Limbo requires JSON chat content. If a plain string is provided, which is the default, then it gets converted into the required JSON structure.


A Crucible server can be run by setting TYPE to CRUCIBLE.

Configuration options with defaults:


Crucible is only available for 1.7.10, so be sure to set VERSION=1.7.10.


To use a custom server jar or class files, set TYPE to "CUSTOM" and continue with one of the following options:

The custom jar to be used can be set with CUSTOM_SERVER as either a URL to download or the path to a file within the container.

Alternatively, the final -jar invocation can be replaced by setting CUSTOM_JAR_EXEC to "-cp <classpath> <classname>" or "-jar <jar file>" form, such as

-cp worldedit.jar:Carpet-Server.jar net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer


When using docker run make sure to quote the entire value since it has spaces in it, such as

-e CUSTOM_JAR_EXEC="-cp worldedit.jar:Carpet-Server.jar net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer"