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Modrinth Modpacks

Modrinth Modpacks can automatically be installed along with the required mod loader (Forge or Fabric) by setting MOD_PLATFORM or TYPE to "MODRINTH". Upgrading (and downgrading) takes care of cleaning up old files and upgrading (and downgrading) the mod loader.

Modpack project

The desired modpack project is specified with the MODRINTH_MODPACK environment variable and must be one of:

  • The project "slug", which is located in the URL shown here:

- The project ID, which is located in the bottom of the left panel, shown here

- The project page URL, such as As described below, this can further be the page URL of a modpack's version page.

Modpack version

The automatic modpack version resolving can be narrowed in a few ways:

The latest release or beta version, respectively, of the Modrinth modpack is selected when VERSION is "LATEST" or "SNAPSHOT". That can be overridden by setting MODRINTH_DEFAULT_VERSION_TYPE to "release", "beta", or "alpha".

The resolved modpack version can be narrowed by setting VERSION to a specific Minecraft version, such as "1.19.2".

The selected version can also be narrowed to a particular mod loader by setting MODRINTH_LOADER to either "forge", "fabric", or "quilt".

Instead of auto resolving, a specific version of modpack file can be specified by passing the version's page URL to MODRINTH_MODPACK, such as or by setting MODRINTH_VERSION to the version ID or number located in the Metadata section, as shown here

Ignore missing files

Some mods, such as MCInstance Loader, use temporary files from the modpack and delete them when finished. In order to avoid the installer from detecting the absent file(s) and re-installing, those files can be ignored by passing a comma or newline delimited list to MODRINTH_IGNORE_MISSING_FILES.


In a Compose file


Excluding files

To exclude client mods that are incorrectly declared by the modpack as server-compatible, set MODRINTH_EXCLUDE_FILES to a comma or newline delimited list of partial file names to exclude. You may need to set MODRINTH_FORCE_SYNCHRONIZE to "true" while iterating on a compatible set of mods to use.


In a Compose file: