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Running Minecraft server on different Java version


For Forge versions less than 1.18, you must use the java8-multiarch (or other java8) image tag.

In general, if you see the following line in a server startup failure, then it means you need to be using Java 8 instead of the latest image Java version:

Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: class jdk.internal.loader.ClassLoaders$AppClassLoader 
   cannot be cast to class

When using the image itzg/minecraft-server without a tag, the latest image tag is implied from the table below. To use a different version of Java, please use an alternate tag to run your Minecraft server container. The stable tag is similar to latest; however, it tracks the most recent repository release/tag.

Tag name Java version Linux JVM Type Architecture
latest 17 Ubuntu Hotspot amd64,arm64,armv7
stable 17 Ubuntu Hotspot amd64,arm64,armv7
java8 8 Alpine Hotspot amd64
java8-jdk 8 Ubuntu Hotspot+JDK amd64
java8-multiarch 8 Ubuntu Hotspot amd64,arm64,armv7
java8-openj9 8 Debian OpenJ9 amd64
java8-graalvm-ce 8 Oracle GraalVM CE amd64
java11 11 Ubuntu Hotspot amd64,arm64,armv7
java11-jdk 11 Ubuntu Hotspot+JDK amd64,arm64,armv7
java11-openj9 11 Debian OpenJ9 amd64
java17 17 Ubuntu Hotspot amd64,arm64,armv7
java17-jdk 17 Ubuntu Hotspot+JDK amd64,arm64,armv7
java17-openj9 17 Debian OpenJ9 amd64
java17-graalvm 17 Oracle Oracle GraalVM amd64,arm64
java17-alpine 17 Alpine Hotspot amd64
java21-alpine 21 Alpine Hotspot amd64
java21 21 Ubuntu Hotspot amd64,arm64
java21-graalvm 21 Oracle Oracle GraalVM amd64,arm64

For example, to use Java version 8 on any supported architecture:

docker run --name mc itzg/minecraft-server:java8-multiarch


Keep in mind that some versions of Minecraft server, such as Forge before 1.17, can't work on the newest versions of Java. Instead, one of the Java 8 images should be used. Also, FORGE doesn't support openj9 JVM implementation.

Some versions of vanilla Minecraft, such as 1.10, also do not run correctly with Java 17. If in doubt, use java8-multiarch for any version less than 1.17.

Deprecated Image Tags

The following image tags have been deprecated and are no longer receiving updates: - java19 - adopt13 - adopt14 - adopt15 - openj9-nightly - multiarch-latest - java16/java16-openj9 - java17-graalvm-ce - java20-graalvm, java20, java20-alpine